A Paralyzed Man

In this sophisticated and nominal world, we find many people who hardly breathe. They abhor living any longer. They wait for coming death and spend their time relying on the destiny. If you have a kind beating heart, you may like to roam and wander the villages, the remote areas and the footpaths; and even in the middle city, you will find some hobblers who beg some pieces of bread to breathe the next day. You may find some widows with their torn scarfs and sorry face. You may come across many children wearing short underwear and nude body, begging shops after shops. You may observe many children who do not know about their parents. You will find some innocent girls who are stared at their dignity and modesty.

Many of them are rudely repelled and harshly scolded. Many of them are preached to do a small work or run a business. Now, that the world and the people have changed. they respect only those having money along with salutes. In a locality, some sleep having the dinner and some sleep with empty stomach and start begging in the morning. In old ages, people searched for a needy. They gave charity in the dark night and neither the receiver nor the donor could recognize each other. They went door after doors and helped them; but these days we do not bother to give a person who knocks our door. To spend the wealth and money in the path of Allah were their hobby. They prayed and wished to meet a beggar so that they may help. What we do is totally different and seems that we have become heartless. When we see a beggar confronting us, we change the way or feign to do something. We wish he should go to other way.  They helped each one who sought help and needed something, and we first investigate and eye up him from the toe to the dead as if he committed a sin or was a burden on this planet. We forget to think that what will happen if Allah, even for one second will start to investigate us. We are bestowed money and livelihood because of the poor in order to help them so that Allah doubles our income and investment.

It is a panic tragedy that there are professional and undeserved beggars. Mostly, around the tombs of the saints or famous places or in front of the mosques, they sit and beg. Due to them, the real and deserved needy are deprived because they are decent and modest. They do not ask things openly. 

The above photo was taken in Bangalore beside the gate of a Mosque. Offering Juma prayer, while getting out the mosque, I saw a weak man who was also paralyzed. His hands and legs were twisted. He wore only half inner. He seemed to be dying because of his weakness. If you see him, you will be sure that he can live for long. He was aged but looked like a child. His nerves were mostly around his neck and appeared so clearly that you could count them easily. I think he came there with the help of his hands using them as legs.

He sat there looking at each one’s face. Although, he was silent , he had lot of questions to ask  from the public. The public avoided him because they were bestowed with all the parts of the body and wealth. Some dropped coins and some put notes in his handkerchief. It is the custom of this world when people are blessed with necessary things, they start forgetting Allah. They pass their day and night discussing about the material. Only some people believe that they will get double when they spend in the way of Allah. In our society, many deserved are living but we do not know. They have many problems and requirements to be fulfilled but we unfortunately fail to access to them.

The life of the prophet and his companions bears witness that they were totally involved in social activities. Offering Namaz, doing Hajj and Zakat and fasting are only some part of Islam. Most portion of Islam lies within the social activities that deal with the real lives of people. Being more pious offering Tahajjud and fasting Ramzan is of no avail without the practical involvement.  Islam wants us to become practical rather vocal in dealing, behaving, and communicating. Our Islam appears when we deal and practice in the society. We have left out the most major part of Islam. We think only offering Namaz, fasting and pilgrimaging as Islam. Indeed it is only a tiny piece of Islam. Hence, we need to get totally involved in Islam as Allah demands.

The prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) has sought refuge in Allah from deadly poverty. If we are blessed with wealth, we should spare some time for the needy and help them. We should think about their problems as our own. Allah loves those who spend their wealth in his way. Thus it is up to us to please or displease our maker.

These are my opinions and thoughts which I have expressed. You may not agree or dislike. It is the story of a helpless man seated by the gate of a mosque in Bangalore, that scene pricked me and made me to express some thoughts.

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