Heart Touching Story of A Muslim Governor

Hazrath Saeed Bin Amir, the Governor of Hims

He was appointed the governor of Hims, a city in Syria by Hazrath Umar. The people complained Umar a lot about Saeed Bin Aamir that he doesn’t care for them.Umar was astonished how he would be wrong in appointing a right governor.

Later, he called Saeed Bin Amir and those who complained against him. They were asked to come forward to the court with their claims. They claimed: Every day why does he leave home late and reaches court late?

The court was silent and the people seemed stunned into paralysis of to hear the claim that now something would happen. Hazrath Umar was sweating and waiting for the answer to be given by Saeed.

He replied: My wife works all alone. Every day, in the morning, I mix the flour, flatten it and prepare breads. When the breads are ready, I have it ; and making ablution I come out . That’s the only matter and I get the court late.

They asked “Why doesn’t he work at night. If one visits him at night, he returns with his demands unfulfilled. If he has been appointed a governor, he should work at all?

He replied: Actually I don’t want to reveal as it is a secret between me and my Lord . I have divided day and night as two parts, the day for the people and the night for the Lord. I have devoted all the night to worship Allah in which I only worship and think of Allah and don’t let my soul distracted towards the worldly things which I do not like.

Lastly, they put their claim hoping no answer from him: “Why does he take leave for one day in a month? It seemed little bit difficult. The people wanted the answer. They trooped to know the reality and reasons about the governor and believed that he would be soon removed after the hearing.

He replied: I don’t have any servant and maid who may help us to work. Once a month I wash my clothes and keep it for drying. I wear it when it gets dried till the evening. That’s the reason I need one day leave.

Hazrath Umar (May Allah be pleased with him) directly thanked Allah for his insight which proved to be right and said to them: ‘Respect and apprize your concerned governor.’

When the court was dispersed, Hazrath Umar sent him one thousand gold coins to meet his needs. His wife gladly said: Thanks and all praise be to Allah for arranging it. Now we don’t need to do home-chores. We will buy a servant and fulfill our requirements.

He said: Why shall we not spend it over the people who are needier and more deserved than us? She accepted it wholeheartedly and many small kits, and, pouches filled with gold coins were prepared and sent to different people.

Never Judge Islam By The Muslims


This is the real story of our past how we were and now how much we have economically, socially, morally and educationally lagged. However, these kinds of stories sometimes seem to be fake because we do not know our past. They were the people about whom Europeans wrote down praising their morality and behaviour. How many books are getting dusty. We are doing everything except for reading our history and past. We don’t know our lineage. At a time we were touching the sky with knowledge, morality, and gratitude but when we became careless and began to think only of ourselves and put aside the religion and its commandments, we lagged so far that our history is changed and removed.

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  1. This essay fulfill of honestly and very heart touching story a honest governer

    1. Yes, we were great in the past, every thing that our ancestors have done, needs to be written with golden ink. We should read our history anew.

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