A Heartfelt Story of A Prostitute

Once upon a time, there was a man who never seemed to look at any woman throughout his entire life. Once it happened that he was in poor condition. The problems surrounded the family and made them to starve constantly. He had a young daughter who saw things happening and felt pain running through her spinal cord that they were all starving for many days. When the starvation increased, seeing her younger brothers facing the worst situation and her father worried. To get rid of the situation she thought that prostitution as the only way to earn money by showing her body, thus she could be able to meet the needs. She left home and wandered for a place where prostitutes lived in a large number. She summoned her courage to start the show. As she belonged to decent family. She was crying from inside. With dry lips and trembling legs she stared dancing and showing off her beauty and posture to attract the people. But nobody paid an attention to what she was doing. Everyone came and returned without looking at her. Doing this yielded her nothing till the sun started to set, a fiery red circle slipping into a soft after a long and weary day. With frustration and heart broken she paced heavily towards her home. On reaching home she found her father waiting her. The father who was most worried about her absence asked : ” Where have you been all day long? ” She cried and told everything that went on with her. She said: “Seeing my younger brothers in agony of hunger and thirst I was forced to do so but nobody had an attention to me. I’m surprised why people didn’t glance at me. Listening to what all she narrated, the father burst out in tears and said: ” dear daughter! When your father never glanced a look at any woman, how it may be possible that others would glance at you.

Hence, we shouldn’t cast a single glance even at the sheet or clothe of a woman. Because a glance sows lechery. If we avoid, our women also will be safe.

Before you finish the story, I would like to say please forward the story or article if it feels good so that others can benefit from. It will take one second to share but many will find it applicable to their lives. So please keep sharing.

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  1. Heart touching story… 🤔🤔🤔

  2. I really satisfied & very happy because open this class & I pray Allah give you health and safety for all Disease & problem

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