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How To Reunite The Muslims

Unity emerges in compliance with  nature.More than finding ways for unity and harmony, the Muslims obviously must know the manners of expressing differences, disagreements and diversities in thoughts. They don’t have manners, etiquettes and polite ways to express their thoughts and research. They need to learn how to respect eachother in spite of differences and disagreements. They need to learn tactics and manners of differing and disagreeing in any matter. They can’t advance economically, socially, religiously and spiritually unless they learn it.

In this such a  high-technical and fast-changing world, Muslims, in spite of being in  large numbers are shattered and divided into many sects that seem to have different opinions and thoughts alleging that others are on wrong track towards finding real sense of Islam. This is what has deviated them from the path they have walked unitedly over the centuries.

Repeating and announcing a set of slogans “unity, unity” will never yield us a bit unless we try to be more cautious, respecting and coherent while expressing thoughts, ideas and opinions.
We appear on the surface more developed, more richer and more intelligent but undoubtedly we are known for failing in developing rapport with ourselves.The Quran contains many verses that emphasize on unity and unification.

When we become good mannered, civilized , elegant and don’t blame others for the thoughts, information and lifestyle they possess; When we think and weigh up before speaking; When we prefer to learn through investigation and research rather than arguing and forcing others that we are right; When we try to understand our religion the way it deserves to be understood according to its soul and nature; When we read the holy book with sincerity and purity  understanding it in a way our ancestors understood; When we try to value and understand a new research or invention if we do.

Doing so, we may have a little possibility of seeing a change or transformation in the Muslim world. These are the most basic things that we lack at present. It’s the blockage that kept barring us from reuniting and being one body. We have failed to find real sense of Islam, to be as one community as the prophet Muhammad had wished.

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  1. wish our muslim ummah be united as before and sophisticated in every sphere of life to live in this competitive world

  2. The Muslims lack nothing but unitg, harmony and imter community relationship

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