Life Is A Gift

What is a life?  It’s a couple of uncertain and unknown periods. It unfolds according to the choices and wills a man makes. It is simply like a plain white paper, it unfolds according to what we write and how beautifully we design it. Life is mixture of emotions, feelings, pain and exultation. Our morning is unlike the evening and vice versa. At dawn we seem happy and at evening the situation changes and makes us feel bad and frustrated and steals off everything we possess. In a moment a man blushes and at other moment he loses out everything that he had and becomes one to beg. In the night he falls asleep planning for the next day and hoping to achieve more in the larger scheme of his life and live richer and fuller life but as the first rays of the sun dances on the colourful horizon, he was found a body without a soul. His plannings, strategies and resolutions go unrewarded. His life chapter closes and the periods he has been given ceases. In other words, While the morning begins a man departs his home exultantly and joyfully, on the way he meets an unexpected accident and was brought home injured, fractured in his body, differently abled and wheelchair-bond for the rest of his life.

Life doesn’t treat the same everyone. It meets everyone with different faces. Life depends on how we think. It depends on our thoughts, feelings and plannings how we want life should be. Many people await for taking what life decides and releases but the brave and hard-driving do create their own history of success. They shake the world by their abilities and achievements and take the world by its tail to direct wherever they want.

Those who wait eagerly for what the life and destiny bring , actually they shackle their creativity, productivity. They lock their thinking process and hope that life will welcome them with better days and great opportunities and successful future that will work as a magic fulfilling what they wish.
While others who don’t confide a bit in their lives and destinies. They have this quotation perched within their hearts and repeat again and again ” life is what we make, we are the masters of our destiny. It personifies according to the will and choices we make” They reckon with the gushing wind of age piercing and remaining steadfast. They don’t fear how harder the wind will blow and hit. They welcome every hardship and setback as the most valuable lesson. Through each setback they find a lesson. Where there is a hurdle there is always a must awaiting way. They live to give rather than depending on others.

Life is dark portion, the only way to rekindle it, is our creativity, hard and over working and using our most ability that we find within. Many let it go and prefer to lead an easy life. Many like getting into adventures filled with reckless and escapes,  wonders and exploring the word’s secret.

The irrefutable fact is that we think we have to live our lives in the way life decides for us . We don’t dare to think a bit to change the outer and inner of our lives. The brave and adventurous believe every event has a purpose and every setback its lesson. The world is so fast changing because people don’t seem to accept what life chooses for them. They do their own leap over grabbing the opportunities.

Happiness lies within us. We don’t need to go searching for it anywhere as many wander. Improve your inner control of your mind and be accountable for everything you do all day while you touch the bed when the night remains still. It will make your next day far better, far enlightened, more rewarding and pleasing that it had not been before. If our inner calms down, the outer would follow it. The inner shapes the outer. This is how the spiritually emerged.  Many are frustrated and scared of the future like a deer caught into the glare of intruding light because they leave all things on destiny saying we don’t need to do, it will happen what has been destined.

The prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: live as if it is your last breath or last day. Once he was surrounded by his companions, hoping to teach them, he asked : what do  you think about death? They became panic-stricken as they thought it might be different to reply. One of them replied: when I leave home in the morning, I believe I can’t get home at evening. The other one said: when I touch the bed at night, I don’t know I might breathe in the morning. The third one said: when I stand for Namaz, I believe I might not finish it. Lastly the prophet himself said: when I breath in I’m not sure I might take it out . Such short or even long is the life which we boast of.

Thus, valuing the life we should enjoy each moment of life. The more we think about past the more we lose the future. To live in Today and make it better ensures a vivid future. Being free and killing the time makes a man run down. Every particle of the universe is duty-bond to follow the law of nature. Every second of our lives runs faster. The  breathes we inhale and exhale are also to be ended soon. Then why do we stop? Unless we follow the faster life runs, we can’t enjoy the natural resources and wonders designed by Allah.

Hence I say life is a more precious gift . Don’t let it go. Take its rope in your hand as a driver so that you can control and direct it wherever you may like to head. Don’t fear whatever and how harder the problems confront you. Combat all those adversaries and setbacks firmly and constantly like a man drowning in a sea, pierces the wild currents of the sea for a safer shore.
Most importantly, is to believe that each event of our life has a hidden lesson and ultimate solution that needs constant efforts to search. We also should believe that anything, against our plan and whish actually comes to elevate and make us more determined, more firm and more ambitious.

In the holy Quran Allah says: A man deserves what he endeavours. That is why I call life a game in which all human beings paly more carefully. Among them, some only watch, and some of them taking it serious put their whole energy, and these are those who take the world by its tail. This competitive universal game begins just after we open our eyes on the surface and ends till we lose our last breath.

Those who eagerly and enthusiastically enter the game either for experience, money or interest, emerges triumph and are welcomed. Those who avoid taking risk and exhausting their energies and they want to achieve by the easy way without being rejected, insulted and thrown to a side, actually they degrade their lives.  Until they will not fall to knees and get up with new energy and zeal, after years, they will seem to be standing where they had been stuck earlier with unrewarding, unfulfilling and unpleasing life.

The brain, hands, eyes and legs have been obviously made to optimize and reckon with the problems that intrude in many ways. We should do reckless and escapes and become an example for those who will follow us. Many examples we will find around that people in an unimaginable conditions,  even unable to move a step,  thrown out of the society have done the jobs the others have failed. Differently-abled ones who cannot even help themselves, can you image they will be welcome warmly by the abled ones who had all their parts functioning? Of course , they startled the world and proved the stereotypes of many to be wrong that differently-abled ones are not a curse either on society or family. In their interviews they confided that life and destiny unfolds according to the intentions we make. Life is short or long or we are abled or disabled, rich or poor we should enjoy it fuller and richer.

In a moment life favours us and at other moment it feigns inimical. Beware!  A lot of hardest difficulties and toughest situations may seem to intrude in coming days. Even the next moments may be quite dark with stormy wind to uproot us. But we have to be firm remaining steadfast. We have to focus on the things we have recently. We must live in Today and shouldn’t be worried for the past or future because the more we will think of the past, the more we will be off from our dreams. The moment we will stop spending so much time chasing the big pleasures of life, we will begin to enjoy little ones.

Never regret your past.  Rather, embrace it as the teacher that it is.
Enjoy the life fuller. Make most of it, you will experience wonders.

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