Value Your Life

1. Value Your Youth Before Getting Old

Youth is the most precious bounty of Allah which we mostly spend in absurd and useless things.
The passion, zeal and craziness to do and desire to get something we have in this age, we don’t have in other ages of our lives. In youth a man can do anything. He can conquer the world. And whatever is done in this age, has deeper effects for long paving ways of future. Hence, the Prophet Muhammad صلی الله عليه وسلم said: One prostration of youth is better and worth more than 70 prostrations of old age. Because in youth, a man always is surrounded by big wishes and whims. There may be chances to divagate and go astray. The doors for sin are always open. He may have chance to indulge in malice aforethought, nudity circumvention, smoking, drinking and gambling. And Shaitan also tries to pull him towards these things from this age. If he avoids this and remembers Allah, then such youth is more worthy and beloved to Allah. If we will not apprize and take benefit of this age, then, we will regret when our breath will start trembling and gasping, when old age will come, the body would be trembling and the memory would be weak, we will repent that what was the youth?
Someone truly said:

Roam around the world and don’t believe in your life.
You can never get your youth back. If your life gives you a chance

2. Value Your Health Before Sickness

Today, we are healthy. Our legs and hands are working, we have light in the eyes we can see and our body is quite well that we can move, worship and get what we would like to wish. We should apprize and take benefit from it. There are many people at hospitals suffering from many kinds of diseases, recently Corona virus which has spread globally and affected millions of people. Some are suffering from cancer, some from tumour, some are undergoing dialysis and a few are paralyzed. Some have lost the light of their eyes. Countless people are deprived of the health and are crying to get it back. All praise be to Allah that we are healthy.

When they were healthy, they didn’t apprize and wasted the life. And now only when they are ill that they are amazingly craving for being healthy, they want to do something, worship but can never do.
Hence, we should not use the things which are harmful for our health. We should consider it as a great priceless bounty of Allah and should benefit from it.

That is why it is commonly said: “Health is wealth”

If you are healthy, you have all the things and can get anything. Without health we are like a soulless statue

3. Value Your Leisure Before Engagement

To waste our leisure times in sleeping, playing and junket is the biggest moronic act. Leisure is a priceless bounty of Allah we shouldn’t let go easily.
We can make it precious by doing good deeds, worshipping and learning in leisure times.
Nowadays, countless people are too busy to think about themselves. They can’t smile with their children. They can’t spend time with their families, friends and relatives. They only spare least time for worshiping. They are always engrossed thinking about office, company, factory, meetings, future planning and projects. Willingly, they aren’t free. When they come to Mosque, they are mentally outside and run as soon as they have worshipped as if they were made to stay forcibly.

Why is this so?
Because, now they have become busy. They don’t have time. Ironically they don’t have time for the family and religious commandments.

The Prophet Muhammad صلی الله عليه وسلم Said: The night is so long, don’t make it short by sleeping and the day is so bright, don’t darken it by your sins.
It means that we should worship in the night and fast in the day.

Hence, whenever we get time after college, school and work, we shouldn’t waste but use it properly

4. Value Your Wealth Before Poverty

In this world, each one is examined. Some by wealth, some by poverty. Some by sickness and some by health.

We should thank Allah for our wealth. Many don’t have this bounty. Others are poor, it doesn’t mean that they are unlucky and we are lucky. In fact Allah is testing them by their poverty and us by our wealth.

We shouldn’t hoard the wealth. Allah doesn’t like the hoarding ones. If we don’t spend today, we will regret tomorrow. We will find many people around us who deserve our attention and wealth .They have been made by Allah as a source for us to enter Paradise.

We should help widows, orphans, needy, sick, hungry and those who don’t want to ask but unwillingly they ask, many parents don’t have money to marry their daughters and educate their children. We have lots of opportunities to help if we really are worried about them.

Those who were ever rich and boasted of their money status and wealth, have become poor. Now, they want to help and spend money, but can’t because they don’t have money.

Hence, we should spend openly and wholeheartedly believing in Allah that He will give back ten times more as He says In the Quran (Surah:Anam: 160)

“Whosoever does good deeds, he will get ten times more from Allah”

5. Value Your Life Before Death

The life is a trust from Allah. An old man who has lived the major portion of his life knows its reality in a better way.

We are only Statue without soul within us.
We are born with a solid purpose. We are at examination hall to get prepared for hereafter.

Allah has declared the purpose of life in the Holy Quran:

So you think that we created you for nothing with no purpose and you have to not return to us. (Muminoon:115)

That is why we have to take our life seriously and fix our gaze on that purpose. No one knows how much life has he been given. Whenever we get chance to do good deeds, we should never leave it, otherwise we will be shedding tears of blood in the afterlife.

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  1. This article is a great reminder for the youth today to lead a life in the way of Allah which is the sole purpose of his life.. You are doing a good job .

  2. Keep it up👍

    1. Jazakumulllah for the inspiration and reading the article. Always you have been an inspiration and courage for me.

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