Republic day 2020

Republic Day (26 January)

For many years India was being ruled by the Britishers. They arrived for the business and dominating over India they started oppressing the people. They destroyed our India and worsened its beauty. Our ancestors realized and with patriotism they stood against them.
Indian became a self-governing country on 15 Aug 1947. Today, it is the largest democratic country which means the public holds the power and authority to elect its best leaders to lead the country. Although India attained independence in 1947 from the monster Britishers but on 26 January 1950 our country adopted its constitution which promises freedom and equality for all. Therefore, thanking our God we celebrate Republic Day on 26 January every year.
Since India was Democratic, all Indians are like brothers and sisters. Every religion is supposed to respect others and put efforts and energy to develop the country. All citizens have the privileges, the fundamental rights and duties such as right to live, think and speak, right to perform religious rituals culturally, socially and educationally. All these rights make the lives of the people peaceful and harmonious.
As our ancestors while fighting for the freedom of India have lost their souls, we also should respect the constitution, the people and love India. We should eradicate social evils and vices from the county and make it more peaceful and beautiful.
Our country has multiple nations with different cultures, social values and civilisations. Many leaders of each existing religions in India struggled to get India free from the clutches of the Britishers. Everyone has the same right. No one is better than others. Irrespective of prejudices, status and cast we should cooperate and promote the good deeds.
I hope this information was enlightening and empowers us to be proud of being an Indian. Finally, I would like wish you all very happy Republic Day.
“Jai Hind Jai Bharat”

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