Respect the teachers. You can become great and change the world

Teachers are our spiritual parents. Our parents teach us how to walk, talk and sit. They teach us how to speak and eat but a teacher is a leader that makes a person real human being. They take out from the clutch of the inhumanity to the humanity. The teachers tell us how to behave with the people in the society. They are the best human being on this planet. We should respect them as they are tool to gain knowledge. Always they care and love us.

The teachers spend their precious time to improve and teach us morals and discipline. They have the same right and authority as our parents have over us. Our parents develop our body but our teachers develop our spirituality, mentality and personality. They can change and colour our lives with different qualities. They are like a lamp which never loses the hope to keep the light even in a dark night.
Teachers are the flowers that perfume the whole society with the peace, love and unity. Always they are sincere with us. They play an important role to make us great. They embellish us well as Sonar embellishes each part of the metals. If a man learns from someone, he should respect him. If he does not respect him, his knowledge will not benefit him. The relation between a student and a teacher is a spiritual relation where the teacher supplies his thoughts, knowledge, ideas and morals to the students.

The prophet taught his companions and thus they respected him much more. They loved him more than their family, wealth and souls. Once Hazrat Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) said: I am a servant for a person from whom I have learned a word. Either He can sell me or liberate me. The efforts of the teachers lie in the success of each great person. Dr. A.P.G Abul Kalam Azaad became a great because he respected his teachers. He always liked and obeyed the teachers.
In old ages, the students did not make their legs toward the house of their teachers. Once it happened that many students were learning in a mosque, one of them stood up many times during the class. When he was asked, he told that the son of his teacher while playing happened to come to the gate of the mosque; he stood up respecting for the son of his teacher. It is said that the Respect is like a tree and knowledge is like a fruit, we cannot get fruits without a tree. The noblest activity is to nurture and train the children. No one is like a teacher, because he has the key of all types of success, morally, culturally, socially, spiritually and economically. We should respect and obey them. We are their reflections. What we learn from them such as Patience, boldness, worshiping, confidence, morals, respecting the others, loyalty and intelligence all should reflect in our characters, behaviors and lifestyles. In the past, the caliphs, the emperors and kings used to respect and bend before their teachers.
The Caliph of Bagdad sent one of his sons to Al Imam Asmayi to get knowledge and discipline. Once he saw that Al Asmayi was making Wuzu and his son was pouring the water on his leg. The Caliph addressed him saying: I have sent my son to be disciplined and pious, why do you not ask him to pour the water with one hand and wash the leg with another hand?
The teachers create leaders. They are always worried about the students how to teach and impart the knowledge. They build a healthy society and become a role model for the people. They hunt the talents and take the students to the sky-high. They are the persons who want their students to grow and success. They never hate them. Some time they teach them by loving and sometime they become strict for them but both ways show their sincerity and compassion.

Everyone cannot become a teacher and impart the knowledge except one who has a passion to create leaders, social worker and pious. The teachers deserve our love, attention and respect more than our parents. We should respect and pray for them. Our parents only feed us and provide a house to live but the teachers train and guide us to the right path. They put their sole efforts and spend energy and time to make us great. They want to make us better than them. They never lose the hope to change our lives. Those who have become great, the very secret of their success is that they always respected their teachers and obeyed them.

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  1. You wrote awesome..I think nothing can be better than are really inspiration for all of us..keep growing as you always..Allah bless you..

    1. May you meet with great success and productive future. You are one of my sincere friends. Thanks

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