Sushant Singh Rajput; Is Suicide Solution For Our Problem In The Light Of Islamic Interpretation?

Sushant Singh Rajput was absolutely a good person, but what he did is the most moronic act of his life. He didn’t have the choice to harm himself. Was he born by his own will ? He didn’t own his body and life. Each problem has a door to solve it. He had to bear and face the problems if he was really a brave man. Only coward ones tend to commit suicide. Those who believe in Allah and consider Him the giver of happiness and sorrow, ease and difficulty, they do believe there is an ease after each problem if the matter gets severe. And such people don’t attempt to suicide but wait for better result of what they undertake and suffer. We are not born with our will and thus we can’t kill ourselves even if we are surrounded with severe adversities. We have to undertake what the destiny causes to happen, believing in Allah that he will reward it better but Sushant Singh didn’t have this belief. It’s a belief that can melt mountains and solve the most complex of problems. A true Muslim believing in Allah and the reward he will get in the place of bearing the problems, can never attempt suicide.
We know a person commits suicide when he gets helpless, energiless and feels defeated. And he doesn’t know where he is standing and what is happening around him. When the possibility to solve the problems and the patience to go through pain and problems vapourize, he attempts suicide.
The organs of the body glorify Allah who only has the  ultimate right and option to damage or take our soul as we are His product.

Life is unpayable bounty of Allah which can never be replaced with anything. As Our body, having many important organs, needs more attention to take care of, we should protect our life .Although one day death will haunt,we have to make it beautiful by enduring pain and hardships, but many impatient people,getting bored with difficulties, diseases and hardships or embarrassment and finding no lucid way in front of them  make their life hell by attempting suicide, which is their most dramatic and moronic act on this planet. According to a saying of the Prophet SAW “ Our body and eyes have a right upon us” It infers that we must take care both our body and life till our last breath.

In fact, the body and life are not a man’s earning that he  earned himself by his own efforts, but they are God-gifted bounty which surpasses all the things. That is why Islam  overemphasises upon caring for the body and life, and not to damage any organs which means in other word to attempt suicide. Islam never allows a man to ruin his life which is given by Allah. It is Allah who owns the life and death and can take it back whenever He wants. None other than Him has a right to harm or ruin any part of the body and committing suicide is far worse sin which Allah abhors more.

Many Quranic verses and prophetic sayings relating to harm the body or ruin the life warn us and show right path. Allah guides in the holy book ” Don’t throw yourself with your hands into destruction” (2:195) “ Don’t kill yourself, Allah is to you ever merciful” (4: 29-30) The prophet Muhammad SAW said about a person who commits suicide, will be made continuously to fall into hell.

Now, let’s know the guidance and exhortations for a man to go on bearing difficulties and problems, how to encounter and meet it. We are in the world where only happiness doesn’t exist. Negative and positive matters hover over us. The things don’t happen according to our wish . Some time they go against us and sometimes they appeal our heart. Many a times, we don’t like a matter against jobs, marriage and future planning etc that happens to us. We get upset and worried because it was against our wish. A man goes in his life span through many problems and adversities. Some time he feels suffocated and some time tends to commit suicide when the life seems uncomfortable and unsatisfied, and when the ideas and power to dominate the issues become unmeaning. Regarding that, Allah teaching the prophet and giving tips, consoles “ Indeed, there is an ease with hardship. Most certainly, there is an ease with hardship” (94:5,6). Allah the Almighty, our Creator Who has destined our lives says that if a man goes through the hardest of problems and intense pain which are unbearable, and he thinks that his patience has ended and there is no way to solve the problem but there unequivocal way to find solution for the problem. Absolutely, like that person first will think to suicide and finish his life, but he can’t do that according to Islamic injunctions. . Even if throughout his life, he never experienced happiness and satisfaction, his life was the collection of problems ,still he has no right to damage his organs or finish his life. Allah produces the solution before He designs problem In this sophisticated world,  uncountable people commit suicide every day. Most of the people take this step when they find no way but actually there is a way hidden as Allah reassures. The drawbacks of suicide which are related to family need no discussion, but because of love many lose the life when they fail. Allah never gives pain beyond our capacity as He guides “Allah does not lay a responsibility on anyone beyond his capacity” (2:285)
Allah never puts or tests someone beyond his capacity, but we think that it is over and losing our hope we think that we are aimless, helpless while we are the best creature and most precious and patient until our last breath, but actually we don’t want to use our patience. We should keep in mind that this life has been given to us for a purpose and  not to be lost for someone else. If there is a problem related to anything ,especially love which is very common and man thinks to destroy himself after failing being defeated for someone, there will be an ease, a clear way, but we don’t struggle to find. In this life of trials, each one has his own story, difficult or with ease, either he will meet adversities or joy, but all of it have been designed and written by Allah, then why do we attempt suicide? When we know that Allah is behind us, he will never leave us alone even if the whole world want to kill us, Allah will protect us.

The life has not been given as good for nothing, but to prepare for post-death life. The scurrying of the seconds, moving of the minutes, hours, weeks, months and years have a meaning for the mankind. We think that we are created uselessly not to be accountable after death, but actually we are at examination hall. A single second upon which we never pay heed is more worth than any other thing in the world. Why?  Because it is the life utilising which we can get paradise until the organs work and our soul remain stagnant.

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  1. Masha Allah very nice brother, may Allah bless you accept your efforts Bcz it’s a tremendous need of the time for our new generation, I liked your article so so much Bcz you written this article in the faculty of quraan and hadees, it’s very energetic for a depressed person, keep it continue bro

    1. Keep encouraging me and it’s because of your sincere prayer. Jazakallah

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