The Belief In God of A Newly Married Couple

A noble and a wise man married a lady who lived far away. After their marriage both were on their journey to their home. As they moved, ahead they had to cross a sea. The man hired a boat and got on it and started their journey across the sea. As the boat moved on they encountered a severe storm on the sea. The wife was frightened to see but the man was sitting peacefully enjoying the situation that had come, as if nothing was happening. The wife boiled with anger screamed at him furiously “Do you not see the situation we are in” The storm has emerged and death looming over us, soon we will drown. Still you don’t worry and are sitting peacefully?

Her husband pulled his sword out of its scabbard and kept its edge in a flash on her neck and warned “If you speak one more word, I will behead you” The wife was not perturbed at this, smiling she said: “what a joke it is!” The husband said “Do you not fear death while I hold a sword in my hand that I may chop your neck.” The wife said “I believe in your profound love for me and I know how deeply you care for me. Nothing can harm me in this world until the sword is in your hand”. The husband smiled and said “The way you believe in my love, I do believe in my God’s love and this storm is designed by Him. Why should we fear when we have the belief in God. If it is His will, He will save us even in this terrible storm.”

God Can Never Harm Us If We Do Believe Him

As we believe in God profoundly and love Him most, we should never fear any celestial threat or setback. As we can’t harm those we love the most. God who is the most loving and most caring, more than the love of seventy mothers can never harm us if we do believe in Him. It’s the matter of belief and dogmas which deals differently with each human being according to the belief and love they have.

Get Closer To God

People live with different doctrines of their religions and believe in many gods and goddesses. They open their hearts, unfold their problems and express their feelings in the ways which enhance them. As every particle of the universe glorifies God and is duty-bind to follow what has been set before it universally, we should follow divine commands set by the ultimate God. If we consider Him the only Manager and Governor of our entire universe, He will favour us in all ways. Life without belief in God is hallow and meaningless. Disbelief in God forms a black dot on the hearts of those who swim on the surface without deeper understanding of their Creator. Such hearts are unable to sense the difference between truth and falsehood.

The lustre of this world which we cannot take away with us impresses us. While the truth is we take away only our deeds. Let us recognise our Creator who loves us so much.

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