The Secret Behind Happy life

In this hectic pace world, there are many people who have failed but actually they are not as bad as the society consider them. You will find a wider range of people bored with the life, stuck in uneasy and unexpected situations, or have got sucked into the situation the destiny has forced upon them. It makes them think they are good for nothing but actually they are worthy ones on the surface of the planet to do wonderful feats and create their own captivating, adventurous and inspirational stories. Personally, I have come across many disabled people, who are affected physically and mentally, those who possess nothing but only a piece of heart and a few organic parts are all that they have, but I found them smiling and thanking God for the little they have. They don’t seem to be worried and tensed over not having what others have and enjoy their own lives because they don’t long for getting more and more what others are toiling for. They are grateful for every bounty they have been blessed with. The secret behind their happy and satisfied lives, faces that glows and behaviour that shows is that they try to live in present and not in past or future enjoying at every second of every minute of the day. They benefit from the little recent possessions they have. 

Similarly, you may find a few people hurt and rejected by the society for their incapacity and inability or they can’t adjust with them, or have lost millions of Dollars in Business or met an incident which put them into financial crisis and extinguished their spark of life, but they have their bodies well,  all organs functioning and they are just in dire need of money or help. Still having gone through physical, mental and financial problems, they can conquer the world and prove themselves to be the best version. They can put the stamp of the success, creativity and productivity on millions of people. 
Let me ask you one simple but startling question. If someone asks just either your one eye or one hand for a million Dollars, would you get ready to nod yes? Never, the answer will never be yes. Because nothing can be replaced by your own organic parts as these are priceless bounties of Allah.  It must be inculcated that to be peaceful, we should be content with the things, gloomy and joyful with the events the destiny forces us to accept. 

Suppose you have nothing to live for. Everything has gone away from you except a piece of cloth that helps you cover your body.  You have cried for having nothing and felt bad and lonely. Nobody pays heed to and doesn’t value you. Your friends are nowhere around you, but still one thing can make you richest in the world. And absolutely it’s your belief in yourself that makes you alive, confidence that may push you ahead and make you fired up to combat with each impending difficulty that would intrude you, and help you reckon with the obstacles that might come into the ways of your personal, physical, mental or material development in the rat race of hectic this competitive age. 

Indeed, Man is a creature of haste. He seeks the results sooner. We are ungrateful to our Lord. 
We want to do things on our own. So, we want everything to happen fast and according to our wish. 

Man is born with nothing except the haste and growing beats that the heart pumps. Future is unknown and in present, he is unable to speak, see and decide what to do. Indeed, so weak is a man. Although God destines and designs each event and action before putting him in the womb. It depends on him how much he would toil and seek ways to get rich. Many get more and many get little than they had before. Those who reckon the currents of problems and obstacles coming in their way and get more success, name and fame,  consider themselves  as luckier and become richer on the planet than those who heeded no attention towards financial and material advancement but are most satisfied and overjoyed with the little they have and grateful for what God has  blessed them with. The difference between them is that the richer ones are not happy and always worried and long for more and more. Their spark for more hope tickles them to advance high and grab each opportunity. And the others will less possessions and opportunities are appeased and satisfied. Even a single word is good enough to satisfy one, as the actual happiness and satisfaction lies within us not outside. If we resolve to be happy with little things we have, we can, whereas If we conquer the world and don’t want to look happy, we can’t because happiness sprouts from within.

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  1. Your write ups are always inspiring, refreshing and eye opener,
    Ma sha Allah, keep going

      1. really an . motivational writing for those who are depressed abt thier life 👌👌

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