When The Prophet Muhammad Was Injured

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) preached in Arab for ten-year after he was made prophet, However, the result was poor. The Meccan did nothing except teasing and hurting the prophet and his companions. They left Nothing to stop the preaching, Dawah Of Muhammad towards one God and put their efforts not to let the people listen Muhammad. He was deeply upset and worried about the people’ career. He alone stood against the idols and crimes they were committed, later people started gathering around him to support.

When the Meccan denied his Dawah and insulted him as they got a chance. The prophet thought to go to Taif which is located at A Eastern side from Mecca on 50 km away. He accompanied by him Hazrath Zaid Bin Harsa and both set for the journey. Getting there, they chose to meet three respectful persons of a tribe Banu Saqeef, Abd, Masood and Habeeb who were brothers, and the sons of Amr Bin Umair. The prophet considered them noble and thus, thought if they accept Islam, then whole tribe will embrace Islam but everything was opposite.

He talked to them and introduced the Almighty God, they insulted him and mocked a lot and used abusive words, but the prophet kept silent and said nothing except listening with sorry face and requested them not to inform people what they did otherwise they will also do the same. But they called the people and announced that this man has gone mad and murmurs gibberish. He denies our respected Idols, so what do you want to do. They maltreated and threw him out of the city. They encouraged the street-boys to follow him with throwing the Stones. The historians write that his both shoes were filled with blood. He was unable to walk due to pain and the words spoken by them were poking him a lot. While walking, many times, he couldn’t balance himself and fell on the ground, but they stood beside the path and didn’t stop hurling the stones instead they were laughing and enjoying over their performances.

Meanwhile, Allah couldn’t see his beloved prophet in miserable and sent the angels of mountains to crush such unfortunate people between two mountains, but the prophet forgave them saying that they are innocent they couldn’t know my status. If they didn’t accept Islam, I think their generations will accept. With tears in eyes, and wounded body, they intended to return unsuccessfully.

Hazrath Zaid Bin Harsa supported him and reached a garden which belonged to the most enemy of Mecca, Utba. He felt sorry and seeing the situation his heart melted and sent a bunch of grapes by his servant, Addas to give them. As the prophet said Bismillah before eating. The servant Addas got astonished and asked; “Here the people don’t know these words”
The prophet asked: ” Where do you belong to? He replied ” Nainawa”

The prophet said: ” HHH! The city where my brother prophet Yunus lived”
The servant got more stunned to paralysis that how he knew such thing.

He asked, ” how do you know prophet Yunus?
The prophet replied “Because he was a prophet, and I’m also a prophet” listening this The servant Addas also embraced Islam.

This story indicates that how much the prophet was worried about us. He undertook pain and bad and unbearable comments from the enemy throughout his life and being a prophet and Messenger of Allah was insulted. We should love him more than your parents, children, wealth and even our soul as it’s the sign of perfect belief.

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  1. Maa shaa Allah..well written bro👌

    the way u write bring us to those days and to realise the situation

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