Amazing Benefits Of Friday

The Prophet (صلی الله عليه وسلم) said: Friday is the chief of all days, and it’s most dignified amongst all the days in the sight of Allah. This day is greater than Eidul Azha and Eidul Fitr. It has five attributes:

1. On this day Allah created Adam AS
2. He sent down Adam AS to earth
3. Adam AS died on Friday
4. Prayers are accepted easily
5. All His preferred angels, the sky, the earth, the winds, the mountains and the oceans fear Friday as on this day resurrection will take place.

The Prophet (صلی الله عليه وسلم) said: “Anyone who leaves his home for Salah, for every footstep a virtue is written, and for every footstep a sin is erased until he returns.  (Ibne Hibban)
Even Friday to Friday and Ramadhan to Ramadhan are compensations for sins committed in between. This day is special and even it’s called a small festival of the Muslims. We should do the following activities specifically to celebrate making the most of this day.

1. To Use Miswak

The Prophet Mohammad (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) said: “there are two benefits of Miswak:

1. It purifies and cleans us
2. It pleases Allah (Musnad Ahmad)

A Salah with Miswak outdoes 50 times more than the Salah performed without Miswak.
Hazrath Ayesha, the beloved wife of the prophet says that he used to do first Miswak when he got home. (Muslim Hadith)
There is no prescribed time for Miswak, we can use Miswak as it is the Sunnah of the Prophet (صلی الله عليه وسلم) even it has a lot of scientific benefits. You can go through Google to learn more.

2. To Cut Nails

Whosoever cuts his nails on Friday, Allah will protect him from adversities until next Friday. ( Shaami).
The Prophet ( صلی الله عليه وسلم) used to cut his nails before going for Juma (Ma’ariful Hadith) First we should cut the nails of our right then left hand.

3. To Get Up Early In The Morning

Getting up early in the morning causes increase in livelihood and pleases Allah. It keeps us energized and refreshes our organs.

4. To Offer Fajar In Congregation

Abi Bakrah narrates that the prophet Muhammad said:  A person who offers the Fajar in congregation, is in Allah’s protection and the person who harasses the one who is in the protection of Allah, will be thrown into the Hell. 

5. To Recite Suratul Kahf

The Prophet Said: when a person recites Suratul Kahf, the light from the down of his foot fills the gap till the sky that will help him on the Day of Judgment. He will be protected from Dajjal if he appears and his sins done from previous Juma are removed.

6. To Take Bath

The prophet said: anyone who takes a bath on Friday, and uses perfume if he has any, and wears his best of clothes and leaves for the Masjid and offers the prescribed Salah and does not hurt anyone, and keeps silent from the time the Imaam comes out for the Khutba till he finishes Salah, it is an atonement for his sins from the previous Friday till the very moment he is in and a person gets one reward at each step while going and coming.

7. To Use Perfume

The Prophet Muhammad (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) said: to use perfume is one of my favoUpoe things and he loved the perfume more.

8. To Apply Any Oil
9. To Put On Clean And Good Dress

Hazrath Samurah Narrates that the prophet(صلی الله عليه وسلم) said: put on white  dress because it is more clean and purified and bury your dead with white dress ( Nasai)  and white dress was the most favourite to him.

10. To Give Charity

Allah removes the problems and adversities from the one who gives charity and is always in the protection of Allah.

Bring money from home to donate in the mosque or give the poor in front of the mosque. Make your habit to spend, Allah will give you back making it doubled.

11. To Read More Darood For The Prophet

If a person sends Darood once upon the prophet, Allah and the angels send 10 times Darood upon that person.

12. To Go for Juma By Walking If possible

If a person goes to the mosque with Wuzu, he gets reward of one Hajj.

13. To Reach Mosque Soon

The Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) said: if a person takes bath well and carefully and goes to the mosque soon, it is as if he has sacrificed one camel for Allah. If anyone reaches after the first one it looks as if he has sacrificed one cow for Allah. If one reaches after the second person, he gets the reward of one sacrificed goat. If one goes after third person it is as if he has sacrificed one hen. If one goes in the last it is as if he has given an egg in the way of Allah. ( Bukhari and Muslim)

Hazrath Abu Huraira narrates that the Prophet Said: a person among you gets the reward of Salah, so long as he keeps on waiting for Salah. Angels pray for him: O Allah! Forgive him and bestow your mercy upon him. This continues as long as he remains in a state of Wuzu or leaves the place of Salah.

14. To Stop Bargaining After Azan for Juma has been called (any work) as Allah orders so in Suratul Juma.

15. To Sit Near The  Imaam If possible

The Prophet encouraged the person who sits near the Imaam.

16. To Listen Arabic Khutba necessarily.

For it washes off the sins we have committed from the previous week and we will be safe from all adversities.

17. Great moments to make Dua at Two special times on Friday

1 . In The Middle of Two Arabic Khutba
2. Between Asar and Magrib

If a person male or female makes Dua in these times, his or her appropriate/beneficial Duas will be accepted as the prophet has uttered.

18. To say استغفر اللّه more right after Asar as it washes off our sins.

These are the activities and habits we should be accustomed to do on Friday as it has a lot benefits. The prophet (صلی الله عليه وسلم) had a great regard for this day and would get ready for Juma from the morning.

Please share it to others so that they can benefit from it. We don’t know the article or story we tend to share may change many’ s lives. 

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