What is Hell: Its Endless Tortures and Sufferance

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The Hell is the most difficult and the dirtiest place of the universe. The worse the deeds of a man, the worse will be Hell. When we understand the Holy Quraan, our hearts get excruciated from the bad news of the hell. It will be the place for those who do not follow Allah’s commands and live their lives aimlessly.

In the hell, a man will face a lot of pain, torture and difficulties that he will wish he may die but she will not let him die because there will be no death. This life has been given only to do good deeds and obey Allah and the prophet, to help the poor and prostrate before Allah.

Congratulations! For those who are putting efforts to avoid bad deeds. Shaitan always is with us to distract towards worldly things, so that he can bring us with him in the hell to burn.He always puts bad thoughts into our hearts.
Many stages are there to go through. Pull of Sirat is one of them which we will have to cross- the bridge of Sirat (Pull of Sirat). The pious people will cross and bad people will fall down from that bridge where they will be punished and tormented severely.

In the hell, a man will be shackled and forced to eat pus and stale blood, furthermore he will scratch his body to eat. He will call for help, but no one will be there to help him. He will call for death to end up pain, but Allah will never make him die. He will find in the hell many large insects, snakes, scorpions and many kind of harmful creattures that will bite him all the time.

The Holy Quran says: “The dwellers of the Hell must be shackled and thrown into the Hell and will be forced to eat thorns, pus, blood and nasty food that will fierce their lungs and livers”. There will be no food except scam and wounds. Therein will be such sever and unbearable punishments and torment that we can never imagine of that.

In Jahannam only unfortunate and a person who refused and turned away, will be burnt as the Holy Quran says. “Over them the fire will be closed in. The prophet has warned us of a Fire which is blazing” (42:14) If a person is given his records behind his back; he will cry for perdition and will enter a blazing Fire. “Truly, he was (erstwhile) joyful among his people. Truly he thought that he would never return to his Lord”. Yes, Indeed Surely his Lord was ever watchful of him” (84:10-15)

“Indeed, the Hell has been lying in wait for the Transgressors, a place of return. In which they will remain for ages (unending). They will not taste therein any coolness or drink. Except scalding water and purulence” (78: 21-25)
Allah will say: “So Taste the penalty and never will we increase you except in torment” (78:30)
“Indeed, with us for them are fetters (shackles) and burning Fire and a food that chokes and an excruciating torment”. (73:12-13)

Allah says about the fire how dangerous which will be black brown and white in colour. “No! Indeed it is the flame. A remover of exteriors” (70:15-16)
But as for he who is given his record in his left hand, he will say: “Oh, I wish I had not been given my record and had not known what my record is. I wish my death had been the decisive one. My wealth it has availed me. Gone from me is my authority. Allah will say: seize him and shackle and throw him. Then, into the Hell Fire drive him. Then into a chain whose length is seventh cubits insert him” (69:25-32)

This is a short information about the hell which is last abomination for many of us who rebel against Allah and the prophet.

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