Do You Know What Is Paradise And Its Facilities?

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The Paradise (Jannah) is unimaginable and impossible to be even imagined. No one can describe and explain paradise except Allah and the prophet. Paradise will be uncountable times larger than this planet. In many verses of Holly Quraan Allah has explained how paradise will be like; but it is only an imagination not the reality. We can see the real paradise only after death. Allah has spoken about paradise and Hell only to discourage us from Hell while encouraging us towards paradise. The prophet said: “No one knows how paradise is like and how beautiful and enjoyable the things will be there.”

This life before death is very testable and tough. Here, if we follow Allah abiding by his rules withholding ourselves from what displeases Allah, we will surely enter paradise which will be our unlimited life and unlimited space.

Paradise is our last and ultimate goal to be achieved. If we have achieved a lot of things in this world and lived a royal life but we could not please our Lord and did not prepare for the life hereafter for which we were born, is like futile life. And we will be dealt badly by the angles.
We believe that this life has been given only to prepare for the hereafter as Allah wants to test our obedience to him.
Everyone has to confront either Hell or paradise. No one can get rid of this. It is the ultimate plan of Allah for his creations. We cannot get all things we wish in this world.
we are about to face that life shortly which is either worst or pleasant . Hence, we must apprize this life and follow the lifestyle of the prophet (saws) , if not we will be left with empty hands.

The paradise consists of a lot of things which can neither be written down nor imagined ; but some things The Quraan and the Hadith speak of; that is the rivers of Milk——-The River of Honey—– The Garden——————–The Buildings—- There we will get all the things we will wish———-comfortable and Happy life—–There will be no Pain and even Death.
This is only the sample of the paradise and now imagine how beautiful it will be in reality.

I have written this short article based on Quranic and prophetic information.


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  1. may Allah forgive our sins and enter in jannah
    well written brother ..really an inspiration to do more good deeds

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