20th january 2020

What is Republic Day?

First of all I would like to praise my Lord the most powerful who knows all the things to happen and has forceful grip over us.
Republic Day, celebrated every year on 26 the January has gained special significant in India history. Every year, the national event is celebrated with lots of joy and proud to make the event colorful and memorable. It was 26the January 1950 when the Indian constitution came into effect and all the citizens got political, social and religious rights to be enjoined.
We live in a democratic country whose constitution was formed by the collaboration of different experts of each religion which means there is no difference superiority and prejudices. No one is superior to others. Indeed, India is our home and we all are its inhabitants like brothers and sisters.
Republic’ means the supreme power and democracy. The Citizens living in the Republic nation enjoys the privileges, rights to elect their representatives and political leaders to run the country. Thus, in the republic India, every citizen enjoys equal rights irrespective of status, cast and gender he or she belongs to.
We need to be savior, sincere, kind and respective regarding the laws, rules of our country. We should fulfill our duties of being an Indian to eliminate evils and obscenity. If we will decorate our country with moralities, humanity, unity and etiquette, then love, harmony, patriotism, familiarity and prosperity will emanate and we will enjoy peaceful lives.
As the prophet Muhammad (SW) taught us to love and sacrifice for the country. When the prophet intended to leave Mecca, his beloved country, looking at the Kaba last time, with the tears of patriotism he said: “I would never have compromised to leave you if my community would not have compelled me to migrate. We should also love the soil in which we are born and have grown up.

Jai Hind Jai Bharat

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May Allah bless you all

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